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Spring Activity for Preschoolers: Window Sill Garden

It's starting to really warm up in Memphis! The hyacinth is growing, the sun is shining, and we've even had a few days of weather in the 70s. It might not be quite springtime yet but we're sure getting close!

With the seasons changing, your preschooler may have started to notice flowers blooming and grass becoming greener. They might be curiously picking flowers while on walks or even asking about all the rain, to which the most common reply is "April showers bring May flowers"! But, what if instead of telling our little ones about the seasonal changes happening around them, we show them? That's what we did last week when we planted seed gardens.

Window sill seed gardens are such a fun way to help your little ones embrace the idea of Spring. It will help them keep a routine going (watering their seeds and tracking plants growth), it works as a fun sensory activity (playing with soil, seeds. and water), and it acts as a simple cause and effect lesson (water and sunshine everyday makes plants grow).

They've already done one at school but if you'd like to make your own at home here are the things you'll need:

  1. Garden soil

  2. A planter or flower pot

  3. A watering can (or water bottle with holes in the top for less mess)

  4. Seeds of your choice

5. A sunny window sill

6. Newspaper (for mess control)

Let your littles be apart of the mess as much as you can! Lay the newspaper down on the kitchen table or floor and let them pour the dirt in your planter! Talk to them about the fruits and vegetables you eat at home and how they are grown in someone's garden too (albeit a bigger one). Tell them it might take a few weeks before they start to see changes to their seeds but encourage them to imagine what they will look like in the future! Have them draw pictures of what kind of plants they're growing, for your older children have them draw the different stages plants go through!

Other things you can do while you wait for your seeds to sprout: sing to them, read to them, write them poems, and don't forget to water them!


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