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5 Springtime Books To Read With Your Preschooler

The best lessons are the ones we experience! But for small children, it can be difficult to learn when we don’t know what it is we’re experiencing. As the seasons begin to change, you might find your preschooler is noticing those changes and beginning to ask questions about them: why is it warm, why is it raining all the time, where did these flowers come from? Here are 5 books to help you guide your child through the concept of the seasons changing and all the lessons we can learn from them!

Kevin Henkes’ imagery, repetition, and alliteration introduce basic language concepts and the beauty of changing seasons. Laura Dronzek’s gorgeous, vivid paintings show the transformation from quiet, cold winter to the joyful freshness of spring. Watch the world transform when spring comes in this playful and poetic read!

Drip, drop, skip and hop. Splish, splash, sidewalk dash! It's worm weather! In this imaginative read, your littles will be able to see (and imagine) what the changing of seasons is like for other beings, like worms! Worm Weather covers the concepts of Imagination and Weather.

What better way to prepare your little one for Spring than by showing them beautiful photos of different springtime settings! Bloom Boom! offers a beautiful selection of photographs that illustrate the many faces of Spring! From flowers to woodland images, you’ll have plenty of things to point out and describe to your littles as you read this book together.

Little Blue Truck is out on an adventure with his friend Toad! Together the two of them drive about the farm meeting all the sweet baby animals that have just been born! This book has plenty of learning opportunities with chances to count, practice animal noises, and gentle rhyme schemes!

A simple rhyming story that tells a story of love, gift-giving, and the beauty of nature through beautiful illustrations. This book encourages an interest in not only being thoughtful but in gardening as well! Your little will learn lessons of kindness as well as expand their knowledge of flower names and colors.


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