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New Daycare in Memphis - Memphis Childcare Academy

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

If there is one thing Memphis has a lot of, it's daycares. Depending on the area you live in, there may be a daycare (either home daycare or daycare center) seemingly on every corner. Although this may be the case, Memphis Childcare Academy is opening and creating a new standard for childcare. There are 3 major things that set us apart from the rest-

1. The Center's Design

2. Our dedication to quality childcare and education

3. Parents have an option of home daycare or daycare center

The Center's Design. Most daycares near me have the same design. Lots of bright colors and posters on the walls. Studies have shown that this way of decorating spaces can actually be overstimulating to children. When trying to create an environment conducive for learning, it is important to cut out any and all distractions. That is why Memphis Childcare Academy chose the less cluttered, more simplistic approach. We have created a mystical jungle-themed open floor plan, and carefully designed the space to be perfect for both learning and play. Our center includes a life-size tree and tree house for children to explore, learning areas for toddlers to be taught, and art areas for their artistic expression. We have taken our time to ensure each space reaches its maximum potential and allows each child the opportunity to enjoy their time while in our care.

Our dedication to quality childcare and education. A study found that only 50% of entering Memphis kindergartners are kindergarten ready. This means that the other 50% of Memphis children are not adequately prepared during the most important developmental years of their lives. Ensuring your child is not within that bottom 50% is imperative to their future success. That is why Memphis Childcare has taken the time to find the most qualified staff, people who are fully equipped to teach your child everything they need to know in order to be ready and prepared for kindergarten and beyond. Our staff is also paid more than the market rate for childcare workers because we realize how important it is to have the best adults around to nurture and teach our children. After being trained on our "individualized learning process," staff is able to implement this and ensure each child is being taught using the best teaching methods required to help them reach their maximum potential.

Parents have an option of home daycare or daycare center. We understand that there are parents that prefer a home daycare over a daycare center, or visa versa for various reasons. Some parents prefer the more intimate feeling of a home daycare for their child, while others appreciate the more classroom feel of a center. That is why Memphis Childcare Academy has made it our mission to offer both to our families. This allows parents the option to choose whichever type of childcare they prefer.

Memphis Childcare Academy will be the best childcare facilities in the mid-south. We will make sure of that through keeping our daycare facilities up to date and only hiring the best of the best staff. get your child on our wait list today before all the spots are gone by clicking here.

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Unknown member
Dec 01, 2020

Ms. Amber has been involved with children of all ages. From educational to caring for many years. She has a strong passion for children and would treat them as if their her own. She strongly enforce learning and likes to create educational songs and educational dances for children. The center is very clean and the staffs are positively friendly! Due to covid-19 sanitation is done regularly and and keeping each other safe is a priority! If anyone is looking for a child care center. I would most definitely recommend Memphis Childcare Academy.

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